"Año del Fortalecimiento de la Soberanía Nacional"


Investor Relations




The Investor Relations Office provides relevant information related to the evolution of the Peruvian economy, at the local level, its relationship with the global economy, and the latest information about the local public debt market.


Our Investor Relations Office provides the following services:


  • Respond to inquiries from investors.
  • Organize and coordinate bilateral meetings, answer specialized calls and presentations to investors.
  • Periodically disseminate relevant information and data.


The Investor Relations Office is located within the Directorate of Financial Investment Management and Capital Markets, which is part of the General Directorate of Public Treasury. The main contacts are:


Guadalupe Pizarro
Director (a)
Directorate of Financial Investment Management and Capital Markets


Fernando E. Figueroa
Economist, M.A.
Investor Relations Office


You can contact the Investor Relations Office at:


Ministry of Economy and Finance
Investor Relations Office
Jr. Junín 319 Lima, Peru
Telephone: +51 1 311 5930 ext. 2871
E-mail: investor@mef.gob.pe


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You can subscribe to our daily reports on financial markets and Peruvian public debt to the investor@mef.gob.pe.